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October Newsletter

October - Stopping to smell the roses!

We've been grabbing every opportunity to get out into the spring sunshine and enjoy the beautiful gardens and parks we have in our wonderful city!

Yes it's windy and yes it's a little damp, but spring in Canberra really is a wonderful treat. The city has come alive with colour, light and fun, and the mild weather has given us all a chance to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine. There's been a lot of work going on in our garden lately to rid it of the winter weeds and prepare it for the harsh summer sun. And if the lines of trailers and utes at the green waste is anything to go by, everyone else is doing the same thing! Canberra gardens are really coming alive with all the wonderful spring bulbs in full bloom, as we try to create our very own little Floriade displays.

Floriade is of course in full swing now with thousands flocking to see those beautiful bulbs. Our very own Amanda had her Floriade moment of glory as part of the Passion for Fashion competition, which was held in the first week of the flower festival. The competition was a chance for CIT Floristry students to show off their new skills by building dresses out of flowers and other botanical material. For Canberra's centenary year the students had to design a dress which symbolised the national capital. Amanda's dress represented the Canberra Bluebell and was a wonderful success, we were all very proud of her great achievement.

If there just aren't enough tulips for you at Floriade, then you must take a trip out to Tulip Top Gardens on the Old Federal Highway. We had a great day out with the family tip toeing through the tulips at this lovely property. They also have the most magnificent display of blossom trees, and it's all hidden away in a gorgeous valley. It does have an admission fee, so don't forget your wallet, and you get a free sausage sizzle!

Of course spring gives us more than just beautiful bulbs. An endless array of native flowers are 'wowing' visitors to the Australian National Botanic Gardens, including magnificent red waratahs and flowering grass trees. During September the gardens also opened their research collection of Australian native orchids, which flowered all at once this year - a rare event! The Dendrobium speciosum, commonly known as the king orchid or Sydney rock orchid, are cool temperate orchids which grow along the east coast of Australian from the New South Wales/Victorian border to Cape York. While the glasshouse was only open during September, you haven't completely missed out! You can still see some king orchids along the edge of the road which borders the rainforest as you walk into the gardens, just look for the fronds of custard yellow, white and cream flowers.

While it doesn't sound like it, we have actually spent quite a lot of time in the shop! It's full of spring flowers, gorgeous pink and peach ranunculus are our absolute favourite at the moment. Our flower of the month is something different, you certainly won't find it in a Canberra garden, but we've got plenty in store. Molucca balm, also known as the Bells of Ireland, is native to Turkey and Syria, and it represents luck. It has small white flowers surrounded by green inverted bells running up the stem. They're bright and striking and look fantastic in arrangements.

Enough of flowery excursions, time to get back to business, but not before we congratulate ????, our September winner of our 'flowers for your birthday' competition! ?? received a bunch of asters, the birth flower for September. Until next month….

Love Rosie.