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November Newsletter

November - Wonderful wedding madness!

It's wedding madness at Jamison Flowers with Canberra's peak wedding season in full swing.

We have a wonderful problem at Jamison Flowers; we are drowning in wedding flowers. Every week we are literally hemmed in by buckets and buckets of beautiful roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lisianthus - in fact every possible gorgeous seasonal flower you could imagine. Canberra is a city engulfed with love as brides and grooms take advantage of our beautiful long spring days to say 'I do'. I'm sure you've spotted all the ribboned wedding cars cruising around the capital every weekend, and if you find yourself walking around Lake Burley Griffin on a Saturday evening then you'll definitely spot a wedding party or two!

We are having a frantically busy wedding season, which of course is fantastic. It's a constant juggling act, dealing with growers and flower wholesalers to make sure we have the perfect flowers for every wedding and making sure they're delivered on time. It can be very stressful, waiting to see if the roses will be exactly the right colour, or whether the wholesalers will find those perfect pink David Austin's that the bride has had her heart set on since she was 6 years old……..but that's what we're here for, finding the most beautiful flowers for Canberra's most beautiful brides!

We have had some great weddings to work on over the last couple of months, some of them have been huge and colourful, others have been smaller, classic and understated. One of our largest weddings this year was for bride and groom Yolanda and Hayden, their theme was bright and bling! Yolanda and Hayden met online and have been together for 7 years. They wanted their special day to be elegant and to make a statement with plenty of 'wow' factor! The most challenging and exciting part of their wedding flowers were the amazing table centres. We designed huge flower balls which were filled with purple lisianthus, pink roses, green sim carnations and pink carnations, and balanced them high above the guests on tall glass vases, with hanging crystals. Yolanda's bridal bouquet was also bright with bling, it included purple lisianthus and pink roses with green button chrysanthemums, ivy berries and beautiful crystals. The bouquet looked stunning against her gorgeous white wedding dress, a great 'pop' of colour!

People often wonder why wedding bouquets cost more than the flowers we have on our stand every day. The answer is wiring - bridal bouquets are extremely labour intensive because all the flowers are individually wired to ensure they look perfect for the entire wedding day. Flowers are alive, they are a natural product, and they need water to survive, so if you take them out of water you need to treat them very carefully to ensure they look their best for as long as possible. If you took a normal bunch of roses and carried them around all day, waved them around in photos, passed them from bridesmaid to bridesmaid to groomsmen during the ceremony, abandoned them on the floor of a wedding car while you enjoy a celebratory glass of bubbly, all in the heat of spring or summer - how do you think they're going to look when it's time for the reception? They will look like a week old bunch of $5 Aldi roses. By wiring every flower and by packing them in water we can make sure the bouquets will look stunning when the bride walks down the aisle, when she arrives at the reception and when she farewells her family and friends at the end of the night. The bouquets won't fall apart even during the most adventurous wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our couples pay for our expertise and we work with all budgets. If your budget is tight we don't cut corners on quality, we always construct our bridal bouquets with care and skill.

But it's time to stop talking about work and start doing it! Before we go we have to congratulate Nancye Anderson our October winner of our 'flowers for your birthday' competition! Nancye received a bunch of marigolds, the birth flower for October.

If you've got a wedding to go to in November we hope you catch a Jamison Flowers bouquet…..!

Love Rosie