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March Newsletter

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Autumn is here, our favourite time of the year!

We are so excited the change of seasons has arrived! Summer is great fun - sun, the beach, lots and lots if gorgeous roses - but the hot weather takes its toll! It's really hard work taking care of cut flowers when the weather is so hot, especially preparing them for delivery and making sure they've got plenty of water so they look beautiful when presented to their lucky new owners! The cooler weather makes life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable for all.

We have finally recovered from Valentine's Day madness. We had a fantastically successful day thanks to a great team of staff and the best couriers in Canberra. Hundreds and hundreds of roses left the shop destined for lucky lovers. The new shop worked so well for our busiest day of the year. All the new bench space made it much easier for us to work together without constantly bumping into each other. And our pop up store in the middle of the centre made it easy for customers to pick something up quickly. I just want to say thanks again to all my great staff, my family, and of course all our wonderful customers who continue to support Jamison Flowers....bring on Mother's Day!

We have had some fantastic gifts lately from some of our customers who have the most magnificent gardens. It's always exciting to receive home grown treasures! We love the dusty miller from Sue's beautiful garden and pruning time at one of the local schools saw us receive some great magnolia. People often don't realise what lovely things they have growing just a few steps from their back doors or the best way to use them. Here are a few tips to make a beautiful vase of your own garden treasures. Start by walking around your garden and look at the different shapes, colours and textures you have, the most interesting arrangements will have a mix of hard and soft. Look out for berries, interesting sticks and flowers of different sizes. When you've chosen what you want to use, cut yourself some pieces of similar size, keeping in mind the size of the vase or container you would like to use. When you get your treasures inside, take all the leaves off the bottom third of the stems so there'll be no leaves in the water once your bunch is in the vase - the cleaner the water the longer your flowers will last. Put together 3 to 5 stems of foliage to make a base for your bunch, then put a feature flower in the middle. Once you've got your centre flower you can place your other stems around it, making sure you keep your centre flower in the middle. If you find it to hard to hold, you can always put your stems straight into the vase and arrange it in the same way, put your greenery base in first to support the flowers and then put in your centre flower and work out wards. Remember, practise makes perfect and there's no such thing as a mistake! And of course, as we always say, keep the water clean and change it every few days, and remember to recut the stems before you put them back into water.

Before I go, we have to congratulate our February 'flowers for your birthday' competition winner Tess Knight will receive a bunch of iris. The iris represents faithfulness, purity and modesty.

Happy flower arranging!

Love Rosie