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June14 Newsletter

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June - Winter is here!


Rug up because this weather isn’t going to get any better, but we guarantee it’ll always be bright and beautiful at Jamison Flowers!


After enjoying the warmest May in almost ten years, the cold weather has arrived with a bang!  Winter is certainly here, and while it gives our gardens time to rest and recover, it's not so great for those of us who love cut flowers!  Unfortunately we don't have as many flowers to choose from during the cold months, but our commercial growers and their greenhouses will make sure we don't go without!  And of course there are always those lovely little surprises each week, like bunches of bright yellow daffodils.  They remind us that glorious spring, our favourite season, will be here before we know it!


We're always inspired when unexpected bunches of beautiful things arrive in the shop!  Lately we've received dozens of wonderful pink proteas from one of our favourite customer's gardens.   Inspiration comes from lots of different places, whether it's a new container or vase, a bunch of amazing greenery or even some great twisty sticks!  We're also inspired by other florists and we follow lots of other great shops on Facebook and Instagram.   Some of our favourites are Kate Hill who has a business based in Prahan in Melbourne, Mr Cook a Sydney Florist based in Double Bay, and Fionna Florals in California.  They all do amazing weddings and lots of fantastic events.  Check out our Jamison Flowers Instagram page to see what we're doing and learn all about the other great florists we keep an eye on! 


June will be a sad month for us at Jamison Flowers because we have to farewell a much loved staff member.  After working with us for 6 months, Jodi is leaving to go back to America.  It's a bittersweet goodbye, we're happy that she will be returning to her family and friends but her Australian flower family will miss her terribly.  She has brought her unique and fabulous style to Jamison and has taught us all some new tricks, and she will definitely not be forgotten!  At least we now have somewhere to stay if we make it to the US one day!


Our Flower School is continuing to go from strength to strength.  We have released some new course dates for beginners – the 3rd of July and the 24th of July, and the 17th of July and the 7th of August.  If you’re interested make sure you contact the shop because they’ll fill up fast!  Many of the students who've attended our first courses are interested in doing more classes with us, so we'll consider offering some continuing classes next year.  For the time being our Flower School will only operate during the quieter winter months.  Spring signals the return of Canberra's wedding season, a very busy and bustling time in the shop!


June will bring an end to our 'Flowers for your birthday' competition.  It's been such a fun event for us, we love rewarding our fantastic supporters!  Our May winner was Bernadette Froome who received a gorgeous bunch of lilies.  The lily symbolises elegance and refined beauty.


Well that's us for another month.  It's time to snuggle up under the doona with a hot drink and a good book!  Just make sure you've got a vase of something beautiful on the bedside table and you'll be able to forget the freezing weather outside!


Love Rosie.