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June Newsletter

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June - Winter is here!

It's time to cuddle up and keep warm for another cold Canberra winter, but don't worry it's not all gloomy! We have some winter warmers to bring sunshine to your life!

Well there's certainly no doubt, winter is here! We've had a cold, rainy start to June which gives us a great excuse to stay indoors and cuddle up to someone on the couch with a hot drink! We are also relaxing into the new season at Jamison Flowers after the wonderful, crazy madness of Mother's Day. And wow, what a Mother's Day it was! There were 10 of us in our tiny little store, arranging flowers, answering phones, delivering flowers and serving very patient customers! I'm still not sure how we all fitted in the shop but we did, and we were all still smiling when it was over. It wouldn't have been possible without my wonderful family and staff members who always work so hard and with such enthusiasm. Thanks also to our customers who continue to support us, business is booming and we have you to thank for our success. Since then we've all had a chance to stop, just for a moment, and spend some time thinking about what great things we can create to brighten your winter.

While the cold weather means we do have to say goodbye to some of our favourite flowers, there are some gorgeous winter blooms arriving in store each week, including our flower of the month -the sweet pea. We are in love with sweet peas, they're colourful, delicate and fill the store with their gorgeous scent.While they come in a wide variety of colours, our favourites so far this month are purple and soft pink. We've been putting them in everything, they look fantastic in a vase by themselves, or dotted through a bouquet or arrangement. They have a number of delicate flowers on each stem and they're a great flower for adding softness to an arrangement. Other flowers you'll be able to enjoy over winter include stock, erlicheer, hellebores, daphne, apple blossom and cymbidium orchids. And don't forget we've always got great tropical flowers in store including vibrant heliconias. Put a vase of those in your lounge room, crank up the heater, pour yourself a cocktail and pretend you're poolside in Port Douglas!

That's enough from us for now, until we see you in store at Jamison Flowers. Come in and let us brighten your life this winter. We can help you choose flowers for home, or even a little arrangement for your desk at work, anything that will help you believe that it really isn't 10 degrees outside! Brrrrrr!

See you soon , love Rosie.