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July Newsletter

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July - Win flowers for your birthday!

It's time us to say thank you to our wonderful supporters so this month we're starting our very first flower giveaway and it's going to be huge! Keep reading to find out how you can be part of this very special year-long event!

Winter has certainly descended on Canberra. We're all chipping the ice off our cars in the morning and rugging up with beanies and scarves. But the best thing about being a florist is that it's always bright and beautiful at work. Once we've all stripped off our layers and made a hot cuppa we can pretend it's as sunny outside as it is inside!

It's been a busy month since the last newsletter! We've been doing lots of jobs in the shop, giving it a mid-year revamp. We've changed our in-store display with the aim to 'inspire' your creativity! Aileen and I spent a lovely afternoon creating gorgeous hanging tags with lots of words to get your minds working including love, wish, heal and joy. The display also includes potted pansies, paper doily flowers and some of our hanging test tube vases filled with fresh flowers. Our favourites are the hyacinth hearts! You must come and see it for yourselves! We've also introduced a new winter warming product, our teeny tiny fishbowl vases filled with seasonal flowers. They are a mini-version of our large fishbowls, perfect for your desk or as a special gift.

Our most exciting job though has been planning our enormous, year-long flower giveaway! There's nothing like getting flowers for your birthday - a big, bright bunch dropped off at your workplace, with all your envious friends looking on! Well, we've decided it's about time we treated some of our fabulous supporters to exactly that - flowers for your birthday from us! But we're not going to send you just any flowers, we're going to send you your birth flower!! How do you enter? Well, all you need to do is jump onto Facebook, 'like' and 'share' our page with your friends and then put the month of your birthday in the comments section and we'll do the rest. Every month we'll draw someone out of the hat and then you'll be Jamison Flower-bombed for your birthday. Here's a list of the special birth flowers you might be lucky enough to win! The competition starts this month and we'll give away a bunch of flowers every month until June 2014!

July - The beautiful blue delphinium is the birth flower for July. It symbolises an open heart, sweetness of character and laughter.

August - Dame Edna's favourite the gladioli is the birth flower for August. They represent generosity and sincerity.

September - The aster is the birth flower for September. It symbolises love and patience.

October - The marigold is the flower for October. It's used by herbalists to improve health.

November - The chrysanthemum is the flower for November. They symbolise perfection.

December - December has three birth flowers! They are holly and poinsettia, which are also wonderful for Christmas and the orchid. They symbolise reassurance, celebration, success and wealth.

January - The carnation is the birth flower for January. It means love, distinction and fascination.

February - The violet or iris are the birth flowers for February. They mean faithfulness, purity and modesty.

March - If you celebrate your birthday in March then your flower is the daffodil. It represents friendship.

April - The daisy is the birth flower for April. Daisies represent innocence and youth.

May - The birth flower for May is the lily. It symbolises elegance and refined beauty.

June - The rose is the birth flower for June. It has many meanings depending on the colour, red means romantic love, pink is for happiness and appreciation and yellow symbolises friendship, joy and jealousy.

So quick, get onto Facebook and 'like' and 'share' the Jamison Flowers page if you haven't already, and put your birthday in the comments section of our post. When you 'share' our page, make sure you tell your friends to go to the Jamison Flowers page to 'like' and comment because that's where we'll get our competition entries from. If you live interstate you can still enter, we will just have one of our florist friends deliver to you. We wish you all the very best of luck and we'll announce the winners and show you their birthday flowers on Facebook each month.

That's it for now - stay warm and keep well. Don't forget to drop into the shop and say hello. And stay tuned for another very exciting announcement in next month's newsletter…..now that I've started giving away flowers I can't stop!!!!!

Love Rosie.