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July Newsletter 2014

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July - A winter wonderland!

There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a dusting of snow on the mountains around Canberra.  It's certainly a cold winter and we're only a third of the way through!  It's lucky we love what we do because we've had a couple of incredibly cold days in the shop, thanks to the wind whipping through Jamison centre.  We've been making lots of cups of tea to keep us warm and trying not to go in the fridge too much!  The flowers don't mind a bit of course!

It's a different story though when you take them home to a comfy, centrally heated house.  Cut flowers will deteriorate more quickly in a hot room so it's important to choose the right spot for them this time of year.  Make sure they're not placed to close to heaters or heating vents.  As usual try to keep them away from direct sunlight and make sure you change the water often and recut their stems.  If you buy flowers to give to someone as a gift, make sure you keep them in the coolest part of the house, like the garage or laundry, until you're ready to present them.

Some flowers will cope with warmer houses better than others.  We sell a lot of orchids this time of year.  Our orchids are imported from Singapore so they're used to a hotter, more humid climate.  We have had some of the most amazing cymbidium orchids this winter.  They're a fantastic, long lasting cut flower and really do provide a 'wow' factor to any bouquet or arrangement.  They come in a wide range of colours from lime green to deep burgundy.  We always have a big vase of them at the front of the shop so make sure you keep an eye out!  Potted phalaenopsis plants are also a good choice during the winter months.  They only need to be watered once every two weeks in winter and are quite happy with warmer surroundings.  Lilies are also quite hardy flowers, but you may find they open faster than usual this time of year.

So stay warm everyone, and make sure you visit us in store soon, just don't make us put down our cuppas!

Love Rosie