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August Newsletter

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August - Introducing our frequent flower card!

At Jamison Flowers we've embraced the fact that everyone loves something for free! First it was our year- long flower giveaway and now our new frequent flower card has arrived in store!

The countdown to spring is on! We're more than half way through winter and the weather is warming up……slightly! We've been so excited to see the early spring flowers arriving in store, giving us a taste of all the delights to come, including blossom, anemones, hellebores, daphne, violets, daffodils, jonquils and erlicheer. Anemones are one of our absolute favourites so we've chosen them as our flower of the month for August. Anemones are bowl shaped flowers and come from the buttercup family. They're thought to bring luck and protect against evil. Legend has it that fairies sleep under the petals, so if you sneak quietly into the shop you might spot one!

It's been another busy month both in and out of the shop. There were squeals of delight when our frequent flower cards arrived in store! They're our way of saying thanks to all our wonderful customers, many of whom come and see us every week to buy something beautiful to brighten their homes. How does it work? Well, every time you spend $40 or more we'll stamp your frequent flower card (we have a gorgeous little flower stamp) and when you've collected five stamps we'll give you a $45 bunch of flowers for free! When you've collected 10 stamps we'll give you a $55 bunch of flowers for free! The cards are literally flying out of the shop so make sure you come in soon and get one with your flowers so we can start stamping!

Jamison flowers also hit the road last month to check out the Sydney flower market and touch base with some new and exciting flower wholesalers. What we found was a huge array of roses, mostly imported, in every colour of the rainbow, including rainbow! The rainbow coloured roses made a huge impression in store. The growers inject the roses with coloured die through a slit in the stem to produce different coloured petals. The result is dramatic, but a little odd. We plan to conduct an experiment of our own soon to see if we can achieve the same result, keep your eyes peeled! There were also some beautiful orchids, purple Geraldton wax and some pretty pink hypericum berries which made the trip home with us! Kirsten, Louise and Julie also did a short course at Pearsons School of Floristry which they really enjoyed. And of course we had some good food and wine and lots of laughs! Fun times! This month we're off to Melbourne for a fantastic trade fair. We've got a long shopping list, which includes Christmas decorations.....yes, already! We'll tell you all about that adventure in next month's newsletter.

Now that Spring is on the horizon, the shop has been bustling with brides! Canberra's peak wedding season begins in September as the Floriade bulbs begin to blossom. We've had lots of wedding appointments and our weekends are filling up fast! While lots of brides are choosing traditional and beautiful roses, many are also opting for a more relaxed spring feel with a mix of seasonal flowers. We'll be using lots of pink, purple and cream lisianthus, ranunculus, freesias, berries and even some bright green trick carnations in wedding bouquets. We'll make sure we post lots of great photos on our Facebook page!

And before I forget, we sent our first bunch for birthday flowers to our July competition winner! Congratulations Lisa! We hope you loved your flowers which included blue delphinium, the birth flower for July. Don't forget to enter our competition, look out for it on our Facebook page, just search for Jamison Flowers. I think that's enough from me for now, must fly, flowers to arrange, frequent flower cards to stamp…..!

Love Rosie.