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An easy way to add colour to your life

Author: Jamison Flowers
Date: 28/7/2015 1:56 PM
An easy way to bring colour to your life!

Are you looking for easy and cheap ways to inject more colour into your room/office/house?  We change our shop display every few months and are always on the look out for clever and different ways to use colour and patterns.  

This year for Valentine's Day we wanted to hang signs from the roof which said 'love' in lots of different languages, so we went shopping!  What we found was lots of beautiful decorative paper!  These days, thanks to the popularity of scrapbooking, there are dozens of specialist art and craft stores which stock gorgeous paper and cardboard in every size, shape, colour and pattern imaginable.  And it's affordable and easy to use.

For Valentine's Day we stuck to our pink and red floral theme and chose floral patterns.  We used the paper to add a decorative element to our hanging 'love' signs.  We also framed some of the paper with white wooden frames to put around the shop.  The frames were really effective and received lots of compliments and it really was just a matter of cutting some paper to size and popping it in!  You can buy cheap wooden frames anywhere these days at op shops, two dollar shops or department stores like Big W or Kmart.

Frames like these would also look great around the house.  You could try layering different paper together to introduce more colour and interest, or mix and match your frame colours and sizes.  And when you feel like a change it's just a matter of hitting the art and op shops again!

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